Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I AM Very Happy

I could not sleep but I wanted to blog for a little while. I am very happy and I wanted to say so on my blog. So, here i do say - "I am happy!"

Be blessed.
Flanella Jo

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Summer is Finely Here!

Marcus, Jr. got out of he school today and he happy as a lark! I did not work today but stayed home and baked and cooked all day so he and he friends could have a party after school let out. i baked cookies and cornbread which he love. He also had a lot of vareties of coke - orange, red, dr. pepper, sprite, RC, and root beer. I must admits that my house look like a tornado done run through here! I went to bed at 8:00 pm but woke up early so I defevered I would blog a while since i have not blogged for about 2 week.

I have a very busy weekend planned with my family. I hope all my viewers have a blessed weekend!

Be blessed and a friend to someone other than you usual friends,
Flanella Jo

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hints for All My Viewers

Wal-Mart has a sale! I manieuvering through town and i saw a big sign that say "Low Prices. Always." i already knew you could find some good deals, but I didnt know you could always find them there. i have to make a Wal-Mart run before Memorial Day to buy another American Flag. Marcus climb to the top of our tree in the front yard and installated and flag pole holder. The flag will be above the top leaf on our tree for the whole neighborhood to view and enjoy. I encourage everone of my viewers to fly you flag on Memorial Day. Even if you do not have a tall tree, you can fly it at the front of you house if you buy a little flag holder at Wal-Mart.

I am going to try to copy and glue a flag in my blog today if I can. I just tried and i could not do it. I will try again. I did and it still didnt work.

Have a blessed Memorial Day weekend! I have 3 days off work!!!

Flanella Jo

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Didnt' Get to See My Favorite Show 24 Finalte

Dear viewers,
I had to work late and did not get to see the finalte of mines and Marcus favorite show 24! I was not suppose to work late so you can just defever how upset i was having to work while Marcus got to watch at him with Marcus, Jr. I hope I can watch on a web site but I don't know if I can.

My life has been very busy lately. I have been cookng, working, cleaning, eating, dancing sometimes, going to church, sleeping and then start over the very next day and do it all over again. I only dance if I am alone at home when a good song comes on the radio. I like 70's funk music and country which I know is a very diffrent combination, but I am not a contortionist. I just listen to what I like.

I hope all the viewers of my blog are having a good May. I hope I am not as busy the rest of the month and on into June.

Extenuatating all my love to every one of my viewers. If it wasn't for you (and Jophaniel) i would not keep on blogging.

Be blessed as the Bishop S.R. Stapleton always say.
Flanella Jo

Friday, May 15, 2009

Finally Get to Blog Again!

I want to aplogize to all my viewers of my blog because I have not been able to blog since May 4th. I have been VERY busy and tried to sit down at my computer to blog sevral times but each time something kept me from blogging. We refinanced our house because Marcus friend is a loan manager at a bank. he told Marcus we were paying too much for our house every month and Marcus decided to refinance. I was nervous as a goose on a hot tin roof becuase I had to sing a lot of papers that i pretended i read but i really didnt'. The man said muniferous times to me, "Mrs. Washington, do you need me to slow down?" I told him, "Noooo. I understand everthing i am reading." But i only said that so it would not look like i was dumb or something. Marcus act like he knew everthing too, but i know he didn't. When I signed my legal name what seemed like a hundred times "Flanella Jo Dawkins Washington", I got very tired. In the end, we were able to reproduce our payment by about $100.00 per month which saves us enough money to up our savings goals. Marcus handled it all. I am very proud of him. (he can't cook good though!)


Flanella Jo

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Swine Flu School Closings Temporarily

Marcus Jr. little school closing for a few days just to be on the precautious side. It is in no way a cause for alarm but i was resturbed when I first heard about it because i got to go to work and so do Marcus. One of the ladies who is frinds with Jophaniel has a sister who goes to the Jr. College and who keeps children some time. I am having Marcus, Jr. stay at her house and he will be fine. I also reviewed the information publicicized by his school and i was happy to know that you cannot receive the Swine Flu by eating pork in any form. To be safe we only eating pork out of a can like pork and bean and other canned pork delicicies.

Well, i am yawning trying to type this blog. We just watched our favorite show 24 and i am tired from the excitement.

Have a blessed day!

Flanella Jo

Friday, May 1, 2009

Marcus First Time to Play Golf

Marcus took half the day off of he work today because his new boss wanted to build a team at the golf course. Marcus was nervous all night beause he never play golf before. He got home about 2 hours ago and he in bed now. I have never play golf so i don't think I would do better, but Marcus say he is glad the day over. On the first hole he say that when it was time to teed off there was already 5 people behind him which made him more nervous. He hit the very first ball hard but it went into the street and hit a blue volkwagon and the driver was a young woman who stop her car and walk all around to see if there was any damage. Marcus say he wanted to hide behind a bush but she yelled very loud "KEEP YOUR BALLS ON THE FAIRWAYS!" It not like he meant to hit her car. He were so embarrassed becuase he say everone was laughing so loud at him! Plus Marcus did not know what to wear so he wore blue jeans and a tshirt but everbody else had on short and golf shirt. I warned him about that so i blame him for it. he said ever hole somethng happened to him that other people thought was funny but he did not. He told me one time he hit a ball on the ground and it almost hit a duck family who were waddling across the road. He said he eyes got very big and he yelled "Watch out!!" but duck don't detrispond to human voice and i already knew that. Marcus love animals and he would be very sad if he hurt a duck family with a golf ball he hit. He did not hit this family but he did say the mama duck were not happy and she waddled faster quackng at her babies to get out of Marcus way. He said that he learned a lot about the gentlemans game of golf but he swung his club so many times his body is very sore which is why he took a shower and went straight to bed. Poor Marcus.

Be blessed today!

Flanella Jo

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Words from The Bishop Sugar Ray Stapleton

To all my blog friends, I forgot to blog the words i wrote down from The Bishop Sugar Ray Stapleton at mines and Marcus church on Sunday. I was glad what he said!

"God's love for you is not based on you past. He loved you before you had one."

I thought to myself... "It's a good thing He did!"

Have a blessed day!

Flanella Jo

Marcus Under the Weather

Marcus woke up yesterday with a headache and a touch of fever. He stayed home from work but I still had to go to work. We don't think he got the Swine flu becasue the last time he ate bacon was 2 week ago and the introbation period is from 1 to 10 day. I drove to CVS and purchased some medicine that the pharmacy lady regested i get. I was about to purchase Thera Flu but she regested I buy Tylenol blue liquid for aches and coughs and fever so i did. When i got home Marcus say, "I though you went to get Thera Flu." I explain that the lady who work behind the counter regested the Tylenol. He would NOT take it becasue he say he specificly wanted Thera Flu. i bit my lip and didn't say a thing. i just got back in my cadillac and went back to return the Tylenol. When i returned the lady say, "Why you returning the Tylenol?" I said, "My sick husband Marcus say he wanted Thera Flu." (and i did my fingers like quotation marks when I say "Thera Flu") She tried to tell me that Tylenol had all the necesary ingredients and I say "You don't have to tell me. It's Marcus that stubborn as a side saddle mule." She laughed and helped me make the accurate selection among the plentifull array of multiple bottles of Thera Flu. Of course, I defevered he would act like it made him feel better but i looked at the ingredients and they was exactly the same. It was all in he head! Now i am up early and he still asleep. He will tell me the Thera Flu is what made him feel better as he would never admits that the Tylenol was just as good becasue that not "what my Mama used to give me."

Anyone that read my blog - be blessed today!

Flanella Jo

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Todd and My Iris Flowers!!!

I love it when April is here and mine and Marcus iris flowers start blooming. We went on a date 2 years ago to a iris farm and we digged up many iris to plant in our yard. If you have never seen a iris flower before you can go to google and type in the word 'iris flower" and it will detrispond with many many links to click on with you mouse. We have purple, black, orange, pink, yellow, blue, lazender, and a beautiful mix of colors. I mean, we really aquired a lot of iris flowers because me and Marcus both love flowers. i almost hurt me a dog today though. Last night Todd dug a big hole next to our fence and rooted up 2 of my favorite iris flowers. I do not care if she look at me now with distuted eyes or not, I am mad! She know she did wrong because i can tell when she tucks her tail between her leg and then slinks off with those distuted eyes. I wouldnt' really hurt Todd but I was so mad she lucky i could not catch her when she ran in the front yard and i had a broom in my hand. my neighbor Yu from China saw me and said 'Why you chasing Todd? You need help catching her?" I said i did but me and Yu could not catch her because she too fast and she never untuck her tail behind her leg the whole time. I kept trying but Yu said "i too tired to catch Todd now. You have to catch Todd by youself." Marcus was still asleep or he would have been out there running around trying to catch her too!

I added some dirt to the hole and put the iris flowers back and spread the dirt on top. Then i watered them. i hope they come back becuase on a warm sunny day, iris flowers cheer me up like that Andy Andrew video do too.

Please be blessed today!

Flanella Jo

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Car Making an Egregious Noise

I was manieuvering home from work this afternoon and defevered that I could run by my best frind Jophaniel's house and pick her up so we could go to Starbucks for a nice cup of tea. When I made the decision to engage my left blinker to turn into the alley that lead to Jophaniel house, my car started making a bad noise. I was too afraid to make the turn so I very safely put on the emergency lights and got out to see what the noise was all about. About that time, a man who were behind me started honk his horn VERY LOUD. It scared the geese out of me! i was furios with him and he knew it! (by the way i stared at him with distuted eyes) he stuck his head out of he window and yelled "Get off the road you crazy woman!" i yelled back but he could not hear me because all the traffic trying to go around me. Then Jophaniel came outside and yelled "Do you need some jumper cables!!!" I did not need any jumper cables because my car was just makeing an egregious noise but I was afraid to drive it now. Jophaniel said "Girl! Get in that car and get out of that dangerous traffic!" I did but my car made the awful noise that made me think in my mind "How much this gonna cost me!?" Everthing was ok though. when i got to Jophaniel driveway we found I had accidently ran over a armadillo and he shell was stuck between my left front wheel and the underside of my car. I did not even see him but thought I had run over a big pot hole in the road. i was embarrassed and i called marcus and said I would not drive with a armadillo stuck under my car so he i had to eat supper with Jophaniel and her husband Travis while i wait on Marcus to get there. it took him a long time because he had to pick up Marcus, Jr. from third grade and then come retrieve the armadillo from under my car after he get off work. Jophaniel make it sound like I was holding up all the traffic for a hundred miles, but it was only for a little ways. I did receive a good education about armadillos and that is they can get run over and you think it is a pot hole.

I hope you have a blessed day!

Flanella Jo

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Andrew Andrew Video

I could not wait to blog about what hapened at work today! My boss Randy know a man that now writes books and he use to live under a bridge when he were 19 years old. He is a very nice man with a big smile and he job is to help people know how to be happy and successful no matter how resturbed their life might be at the present time. he name is Andrew Andrew and he go by Andy Andrew. Randy know him since they met one time and he is a very encourageble man that help me and my co-workers have a happy day!

I STRONGLY encourage you to watch this video that he told us about on Your Tube. I copied it for my viewers so I hope you watch it and believe in you self.

Have a blessed day!

Flanella Jo


Monday, April 20, 2009

Washington Family Reunion 2009 Update

Well, I wanted to blog about the reunion earlier but I had to watch mines and Marcus favorite show on TV - 24. We did go to the reunion on Sunday and I did wear my yellow chiffon dress and hat that matched. I did not wear the Washington Family Reunion 2009 t-shirt and hat at first but later changed to match all the other reunioners. Marcus look so nice and so did Marcus, Jr. All the ladies made over him and said he look just like he Daddy. We all met at the park and everbody brought a ontray to eat on the grounds. We had had two whole tables with nothing but macaroni and cheese. All the family members who have George as a middle name got together for a large portrit. Marcus was a little distuted that he did not get in that picture. I joke with him and siad, "Why don't you get in another picture with all the mens with Theotis as their middle name?" He looked at me with those distuted eyes! I say "Baby, I'm just kidding." And everthing was ok. Marcus did have a good time visiting with he three favorite cousins, Lamont, Willie, and Ted. i got along really good with they wifes, Lameka, Linda, and Barbara. I even talked about my new blog and I might get them to be a viewer of my blog if they can get access to a computer. Me and Marcus went back to the motel where we was staying about 9:00 at night and we were exhausted from being there all day! Marcus, Jr. was asleep all the way to the motel.

Thank you for viewing my blog. i hope you have a blessed day!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Trying to Get Over Being Sick

To all my viewers - I did not write in my blog yesterday like i said I would because I have been sick. i thought I was going to feel better but i didnt'. I can't sleep now becuase I have been sleeping all day. I woke up because Marcus turned on my radio and before I went to sleep that song by Pee Wee George, 'Red, Gold and Gree eee eee eeeeeen!" came on and I kept dreaming about those words all night and they would not go out of my head. i was flustrated because I wanted to sleep! So I'm awake now and decided to try blogging to see if i could get those words out of my head.

Marcus was very sweet today trying to take care of me. he brought me some chicken noodle soup and crackers and kept rubbing Vicks Vaporizer on my lip but now i feel like he burned my lip. But he meant well - i hope! I know why, though. He don't want me to miss the Washington Family Annual Reunion on Sunday. He already bought our t-shirts and hats that say 'Washington Family Reunion 2009'. Even though they no kin to George Washington, almost every man in he family middle name is George. Marcus name is Marcus Theotis Washington, but he is one of the only ones that do not have George in their name. I always ask myself why they do that, but they do and no one actually calls his self George. They just have that middle name. But if I laugh about it, Marcus get mad, so i just laugh to myself. I dont' think the name George Washington is funny, but when you not even kin to him and you name everbody his name i think its funny.

I hope I do feel better by Sunday for because i do know Marcus like showing me off. I'm not bragging about me, but he think I'm pretty so i try to look nice. i am going to wear my Easter dress and hat becuause i did receive many compliments on Sunday and i don't want to wear it only one time.

Well I am getting tired again but i still have that little Pee Wee George song in my head. i will listen to some other music when I go back to bed to trick my mind not to keep singing his song in my sleep.

Have a blessed day!

Flanella Jo


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday's Thoughts

First I want to say to the Reverend Godfrey that I don't know what you going to say to you dog, but I never heard of the words you wrote down. I know some Hispanish people at my work and i will ask their opinion if you want me to.

Welcome to my blog, Charlotte in PA. You are welcome and i hope you enjoy learning about my life and family. We are a happy family and even though i do get mad at Marcus sometimes we always get over it. My blog actrually helps me by writing out my thoughts and articulations.

Bucky 4 Eye, I am greatful for you advice about disiplining Todd with the Sham Wow rags, but they too flimsy to do any good at all. i did try it and he just looked at me.

i will try blogging a little later tonight. I have been feeling low and just havent' felt like typing. i defever that i will be feeling better because i have been taking my medicine described by my doctor.

Have a blessed day!

Flanella Jo

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday Neighborhood Blog - Dog Ran Away

Mines and Marcuses dog we have had since we were first married ran away today but we found her. I opend the door and she took off after a cat that was maneiveiring through the neighborhood, meowing the whole time. Well, our dogs name is Todd and she took off after that cat and chased it down the street right in front of old Mr. and Mrs. Flood and they even tried calling her name. "Todd! Todd! Stop chasing that cat!" (We thought Todd was a boy dog when we first got her and then she was already use to her name) I yelled at Marcus to get on he bicicyle and ride to find Todd. The bicycle had a flat wheel and the handle bars were loose, so Marcus jumped in our Cadillac and drove to find him. He did and you wouldn't believe the whoopin Todd got with Marcus newspaper. Todd started running home and ran and hid under the table with those sad eyes. I'm just glad she didn't run out in the road and get hit by a car.

Flanella Jo

Friday, April 10, 2009

My Sham Wows Were Delivered Today

I didn't go to work today but i was very busy all day. When I went to the mail box, i was very excited see that my Sham Wow rags were delivered. I opened up the box and investigated. There was a few orange rags and two little blue rags. I defevered I could use them to clean my kitchen so i did. My sincere recomanedation is to buy some but don't expect the rags to soak up liquid like that man said it would. They ARE good but that man say they so good you can almost just lay it down on the mess and the mess just runs to the rag. That is not true. You still have to give a little elbow oil to make it work good like he say. I am happy though. This was mainly for the Reverend Godfrey because he commented on one of my blogs that he wanted to know.

I am so excited about my new Easter dress! it is chiffon yellow with a hat that matches. I am looking froward to church on Sunday to try out my new dress. Marcus is not getting a new suit, but he look nice in his three piece suit he won.

i wish i knew how to invite people to my blog. i am glad I received two viewers but they might get tired of reading about my life. If my two viewers want to invite someone to my blog, you are welcomed to. Feel free to ask me any question and if i can anwer it, I will blog the answer.

Have a very lovely and blessed day!

Flanella Jo

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thank You to My Viewers

I want to take this opportunity to thank the two viewers of my blog. The Reverend Ponce de Leon Godfrey and a viewer name Bucky 4 Eyes. I have decided to continue with my blog since I now have viewers. i did not know that Ponce de Leon Godfrey was a Reverend. I didn't even know that I had any comments until I noticed the little writing under my blog that say 'Comments'. I was defevered to see that I already had comments on my blog. Thank you viewers and I hope to have many more in the future.

Nothing really happened excitng today at the alley. Too much cigerette smoke, though. I hope I don't offendicate any of my viewers if they do smoke. I just don't like to smell it and when i get home, Marcus think he funny when he say, "You smell like you been working in a bowling alley, or something." I'm thinking to myself, "Uh huh. You just think you gone get some greens and corn bread for supper!" (his favorite ontray) i did check my mail when i got home to see if my Sham Wow rags came in. They did not. Jophaniel, if you're viewing this blog, I'm sorry that I already let out the secret what my present to you is on my other blog.

If you have any ideas how i can get more viewers, i would be greatful to know. Marcus ask me everday. "How many viewers you have now?" But, I am very greatful for the two viewers that I do have. Thank you Ponce de Leon Godfrey and Bucky 4 Eyes again!

I hope your day is like bright sunshine in a valley with only the shadows of the cattle grazing in the meadow against the still backdrop of a gentle breeze. That sounded poetific if i do say so myself. :-)

Flanella Jo

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Visit to the Ophthatometrist

I had to go to the Ophthatometrist (eye doctor) today for my bi-annual check up. He is a very nice man (usually) with a love for eyes. When I told his nurse that my eye ball was hurting, he came in and said, "We don't call it eye BALL anymore, Mrs. Washington. That's not professional." Well, excuse me. I came in to he office to spend my hard earned money for a eye check up and he have to nerve to tell me "We don't call it eye BALL". That is what my family have been calling eyes ever since i was a little girl, so he didn't have to make me feel like I was uneducated about the things like eyes. I admit, i was a tiny bit offendicated, but I got over it.

My check up went good and I got some new glasses. They had a sale that if you buy one pair of glasses and can't see out of them real good, you can come back and get another pair for half price, as long as they're the same model. I am very happy with my selection and the little man named Cleveland helped me but he kept trying to convince me to get some like his cousin has which I did not like. The ones i got were very lovely and they turn into sunglasses when I'm outside.

Jophaniel say "hi" to everyone. She is proud of me for starting my blog as it was her idea.

I hope all my viewers have a blessed day tomorrow.

Flanella Jo

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Thoughts About My Day

Firstly, I want to thank Ponce (the only viewer of my blog **so far**) for telling me about 24 not being a sitcom. Thank you, but i "did' know that. i just said sitcom because i wasn't concentrateing on my typing. it didn't hurt my feelings, so thanks again.

I have only a couple of minutes to blog as i am very busy. i worked today and then came home. I was tired because I was passing out shoes right and left at work. (i work at a bowling alley) Only one thing happened that is worth blogging about though. One man asked me to get a pair of size 10 shoes for his son. I friendlyly told him he had a cute son but then when I looked at he face i was shocked that he was not cute. He wasn't too bad looking, but I thought the man knew I was just being nice and i was so embarrassed. Then i forgot what size he needed and got very flustered. I told him I was sorry, but he said, "For what?" and then i got more embarrassed because I thought he knew I was lying about his cute son, but he really thought i thought his son was cute, so i didnt' know what to say. My face probly had the geese in headlights look, but I learned a good lesson not to tell mans that a son is cute unless i get a good look at his face.

Have a blessed day.

Flanella Jo

Monday, April 6, 2009

24 - My Favorite TV Show

I watched my favorite TV sitcom tonight. It is 24, starring Jack Bower. I almost missed it tonight because Marcus wanted me to go to the school to meet with Marcus, Jr. little soccer team. He had to go to the CVS drug store to get his medicine that was subscribed by his doctor for heart burn. When I got home, 24 was already on for 10 minutes. Jack Bower was consposed to a very deadly bio-degradible agent when he was trying to drive a truck away from harms way and this truck had the deadly bio-degradible agent inside. Jack stopped the truck and got outside, while whispering in his cell phone to head quarters that he was not a guilty man, but really wanted to help the American governorment. When the agent sprayed all over his face, he called the FBI and said 'I've been consposed.' Everybody started hoppin around the FBI office yelling, "Jack's been consposed! Jack's been consposed!" Then, the FBI arrived and washed Jack off with a water hose that was filled with a material that worked like a backward bio-degradible agent, which in techniological terms means he was "de-contanimatmed". This week he had a seazure and they gave him what looked like a gamnaglobulin shot to help make the symptoms adhere for a little while.

Well, I am running out of time, but you should watch 24 sometime. It is exciting and a lovely story told every week.

Have a blessed day.

Flanella Jo

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Second Sunday Always Follows Two Saturdays Ago

Marcus, Marcus, Jr, and i went to a different church today to hear the children's choir because one of my co-bowler clerks has a little girl who sings in the choir. it was lovely. She sang and did a little dance on the video camera when she wasn't suppose to. It was cute, but my friend from the lanes was detrified and embarrassed. I told her not to worry because everone on the church just laughed but not in a mean way. One of the little girls stuck her fingers in her ears instead of singing. I almost had to pull my shoe off and hit Marcus Jr. on the leg because he was laughing when he should have been listenign. When the Bishop Fountain came up to the pulpit, everthing got so quite you could hear a pen write. He preached a good sermon and i kept looking at Marcus out of the corner of my eye to make sure he was listening. It was like the Bishop was preaching speficifically at Marcus! Of course when we got to the car, I said, "Uh huh! You heard what the Bishop said." Marcus said he heard it but he didn't think a thing about it exept for he's ready to go back to our church. He said he saw me looking at him, which I know he didn't because I was very careful to only cut my eyes sideways when i looked at him.

I am going to plant some bell peppers and cucumbers so i had better stop blogging.

I hope all my viewers (well I only have one, but thank you Ponce de Leon!) have a pleasant day.

Flanella Jo

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I Purchased a ShamWow Bath Rag Today

I want to say hello to all the viewers of my blog. Today was a very peaceful day. I watched a few cartoons in the morning with Marcus, Jr. and then ordered one of those lovely Shamwow rags from that very convincable man on TV. He said, "I don't know! It sells itself!" It did. I spilled some milk on my kitchen floor and when i tried wiping it up with a regular rag, I had to keep wringing it out and then doing it all over again. If I had my shamwow i would just getnly lay it on top of the milk and the shamwow would adsorb all the liquid and do all the work. Marcus say Shamwow is just a regular rag. I begs to differ. There is a truth in lending law that will not let a person lend his advice if it's not really true. When i ordered my Shamwow, I defevered that it would take 1 week to receive my order. But, that man said, "WAIT!" and I did and he then said if I ordered right now, he would send me double shamwows. I though I would order right now and use the extra shamwows for Jophaniel's next present who is my best frind. I can't wait to retrieve my order and then I will give everyone of my blog friends an update.

I do want to thank my first blog follower, Ponce de Leon Godfrey. I hope you enjoy my words of encouragement, joy, and friendliness and invite your frinds to be a viewer of my blog too.

Enjoy your day.

Flanella Jo

Friday, April 3, 2009

Sushi for Lunch Today

I couldn't wait to get home and blog about eating sushi today. I have always said I would not eat sushi when my frinds ask me to because my first thought was that it's raw and i have caught many fish in my life and I don't like to smell raw fish. But i got tricked today when my frinds from the bowling alley asked me to go eat some "pizza" with them. i got to the sushi restaurant and was mad! I sat down and asked if I could have pizza and the chinese waiter looked like a geese in headlights he was so surprised. They didnt have no pizza and I had to eat a roll shipped all the way from California! My bosses name is Randy or i wouldn't have eat if he wasn't there. I dipped the roll in what they told me was mashed up mint and poured some soy sauce on top. My eyes started watering and I was waving my hands in front of my mouth and Randy and everbody was laughing so hard I got madder! I better stop blogging about it because I did not have a hemonious time like they said i would and I want to only blog about happy things. So, I will wait until next time when sushi is not on my mind so much.

Be good to your frinds.

Flanella Jo

My First Attempt to Articulate a Blog

To all the viewers of this Blog, I demonstratively hope that you view my Blog and ascertain a little pleasure from my thoughts, hopes, dreams, and everything in between. My first Blog was several years ago when my best frind, Jophaniel Johnson, asked if I had ever been blogging before. I must admit, that i thought she said jog, and i said yes. A few weeks later she asked me where i blogged and I told her I use to do it at the local middle school track, which initiatated a correction as to the intention of her question. She encouraged me to try out a blog and i enterd "blog" in Google and found a blog that i cant remember the name. I do know it started wiht a D.
So here I am, trying to join the neighbor hood of other blog professonals.

In my next blog. i will try to be more specificied as to the subjects of my blog. My husband, Marcus, say I should just be myself.

i have to go to work, so please have a sunny day!

Flanella Jo