Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I AM Very Happy

I could not sleep but I wanted to blog for a little while. I am very happy and I wanted to say so on my blog. So, here i do say - "I am happy!"

Be blessed.
Flanella Jo

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Summer is Finely Here!

Marcus, Jr. got out of he school today and he happy as a lark! I did not work today but stayed home and baked and cooked all day so he and he friends could have a party after school let out. i baked cookies and cornbread which he love. He also had a lot of vareties of coke - orange, red, dr. pepper, sprite, RC, and root beer. I must admits that my house look like a tornado done run through here! I went to bed at 8:00 pm but woke up early so I defevered I would blog a while since i have not blogged for about 2 week.

I have a very busy weekend planned with my family. I hope all my viewers have a blessed weekend!

Be blessed and a friend to someone other than you usual friends,
Flanella Jo

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hints for All My Viewers

Wal-Mart has a sale! I manieuvering through town and i saw a big sign that say "Low Prices. Always." i already knew you could find some good deals, but I didnt know you could always find them there. i have to make a Wal-Mart run before Memorial Day to buy another American Flag. Marcus climb to the top of our tree in the front yard and installated and flag pole holder. The flag will be above the top leaf on our tree for the whole neighborhood to view and enjoy. I encourage everone of my viewers to fly you flag on Memorial Day. Even if you do not have a tall tree, you can fly it at the front of you house if you buy a little flag holder at Wal-Mart.

I am going to try to copy and glue a flag in my blog today if I can. I just tried and i could not do it. I will try again. I did and it still didnt work.

Have a blessed Memorial Day weekend! I have 3 days off work!!!

Flanella Jo

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Didnt' Get to See My Favorite Show 24 Finalte

Dear viewers,
I had to work late and did not get to see the finalte of mines and Marcus favorite show 24! I was not suppose to work late so you can just defever how upset i was having to work while Marcus got to watch at him with Marcus, Jr. I hope I can watch on a web site but I don't know if I can.

My life has been very busy lately. I have been cookng, working, cleaning, eating, dancing sometimes, going to church, sleeping and then start over the very next day and do it all over again. I only dance if I am alone at home when a good song comes on the radio. I like 70's funk music and country which I know is a very diffrent combination, but I am not a contortionist. I just listen to what I like.

I hope all the viewers of my blog are having a good May. I hope I am not as busy the rest of the month and on into June.

Extenuatating all my love to every one of my viewers. If it wasn't for you (and Jophaniel) i would not keep on blogging.

Be blessed as the Bishop S.R. Stapleton always say.
Flanella Jo

Friday, May 15, 2009

Finally Get to Blog Again!

I want to aplogize to all my viewers of my blog because I have not been able to blog since May 4th. I have been VERY busy and tried to sit down at my computer to blog sevral times but each time something kept me from blogging. We refinanced our house because Marcus friend is a loan manager at a bank. he told Marcus we were paying too much for our house every month and Marcus decided to refinance. I was nervous as a goose on a hot tin roof becuase I had to sing a lot of papers that i pretended i read but i really didnt'. The man said muniferous times to me, "Mrs. Washington, do you need me to slow down?" I told him, "Noooo. I understand everthing i am reading." But i only said that so it would not look like i was dumb or something. Marcus act like he knew everthing too, but i know he didn't. When I signed my legal name what seemed like a hundred times "Flanella Jo Dawkins Washington", I got very tired. In the end, we were able to reproduce our payment by about $100.00 per month which saves us enough money to up our savings goals. Marcus handled it all. I am very proud of him. (he can't cook good though!)


Flanella Jo

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Swine Flu School Closings Temporarily

Marcus Jr. little school closing for a few days just to be on the precautious side. It is in no way a cause for alarm but i was resturbed when I first heard about it because i got to go to work and so do Marcus. One of the ladies who is frinds with Jophaniel has a sister who goes to the Jr. College and who keeps children some time. I am having Marcus, Jr. stay at her house and he will be fine. I also reviewed the information publicicized by his school and i was happy to know that you cannot receive the Swine Flu by eating pork in any form. To be safe we only eating pork out of a can like pork and bean and other canned pork delicicies.

Well, i am yawning trying to type this blog. We just watched our favorite show 24 and i am tired from the excitement.

Have a blessed day!

Flanella Jo

Friday, May 1, 2009

Marcus First Time to Play Golf

Marcus took half the day off of he work today because his new boss wanted to build a team at the golf course. Marcus was nervous all night beause he never play golf before. He got home about 2 hours ago and he in bed now. I have never play golf so i don't think I would do better, but Marcus say he is glad the day over. On the first hole he say that when it was time to teed off there was already 5 people behind him which made him more nervous. He hit the very first ball hard but it went into the street and hit a blue volkwagon and the driver was a young woman who stop her car and walk all around to see if there was any damage. Marcus say he wanted to hide behind a bush but she yelled very loud "KEEP YOUR BALLS ON THE FAIRWAYS!" It not like he meant to hit her car. He were so embarrassed becuase he say everone was laughing so loud at him! Plus Marcus did not know what to wear so he wore blue jeans and a tshirt but everbody else had on short and golf shirt. I warned him about that so i blame him for it. he said ever hole somethng happened to him that other people thought was funny but he did not. He told me one time he hit a ball on the ground and it almost hit a duck family who were waddling across the road. He said he eyes got very big and he yelled "Watch out!!" but duck don't detrispond to human voice and i already knew that. Marcus love animals and he would be very sad if he hurt a duck family with a golf ball he hit. He did not hit this family but he did say the mama duck were not happy and she waddled faster quackng at her babies to get out of Marcus way. He said that he learned a lot about the gentlemans game of golf but he swung his club so many times his body is very sore which is why he took a shower and went straight to bed. Poor Marcus.

Be blessed today!

Flanella Jo