Friday, May 15, 2009

Finally Get to Blog Again!

I want to aplogize to all my viewers of my blog because I have not been able to blog since May 4th. I have been VERY busy and tried to sit down at my computer to blog sevral times but each time something kept me from blogging. We refinanced our house because Marcus friend is a loan manager at a bank. he told Marcus we were paying too much for our house every month and Marcus decided to refinance. I was nervous as a goose on a hot tin roof becuase I had to sing a lot of papers that i pretended i read but i really didnt'. The man said muniferous times to me, "Mrs. Washington, do you need me to slow down?" I told him, "Noooo. I understand everthing i am reading." But i only said that so it would not look like i was dumb or something. Marcus act like he knew everthing too, but i know he didn't. When I signed my legal name what seemed like a hundred times "Flanella Jo Dawkins Washington", I got very tired. In the end, we were able to reproduce our payment by about $100.00 per month which saves us enough money to up our savings goals. Marcus handled it all. I am very proud of him. (he can't cook good though!)


Flanella Jo

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